Streamline Your HR Department – Manage All Critical Employee Data in One Secure Location

An efficient HR department is no longer the exclusive luxury of large corporations. With StarterHR, businesses of every size can access a family of integrated software solutions to build and support a streamlined HR department for a low monthly subscription rate. From the self-employed startup to large retail franchises, businesses large and small can take advantage of a software package tailored specifically to fulfill your human resource needs.

Key Features:
  • Manage and store data in one secure location
  • Easily conduct employee reviews
  • Facilitate collaboration between managers
  • Improve security by restricting access to specific data
  • Prepare and manage job descriptions, recruiting correspondence and hundreds of additional administrative documents
  • Create state-specific employee handbook
  • Export templates to Word or an alternative Word processor for mass distributions
  • Instantly revise & share documents for collaboration
  • Download federal and state posters and browse convenient links to important tax and legal forms and labor laws

Free Trial
Free Trial

Product Specifications:

The StarterHR bundle is comprised of two applications. If you'd like more information on a specific application, select one of the links below:

Employee Data Manager - The employee data manager offers small businesses an easy and convenient way to manage and organize important employee and company human resources data.

HR Communications - The HR Communications solution is a web-based application that gives you convenient access to a wealth of HR-related materials in areas such as; recruiting, hiring, employee management and employee discipline.

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