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StarterCRM is designed to help you productively manage your sales and marketing activities as well as your back office customer needs. This grouping of apps is specifically designed to help your small business walk through the process of converting more leads into customers and developing marketing campaigns to target your contacts. Whether you need to create and manage marketing campaigns to send to your contacts, track technical and customer support or organize your internal projects, StarterCRM is here to help you and your small business succeed.

Key Features:
  • Navigate prospects easily with ourintuitive,  easy-to-use contact management tools
  • Generate and export sales documents and business proposals from templates or customize your own
  • Increase efficiency of employees and decrease response time to vital customer inquires
  • Track status on open proposals and make notes available to your entire sales staff
  • Effectively plan and manage marketing campaigns and sales events

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Free Trial

Product Specifications:

The StarterCRM bundle is comprised of three applications. If you'd like more information on a specific application, select one of the links below:

    Contact Management – The Contact Management application helps you to manage prospect and customer data, create marketing campaigns, track tasks and proposals and monitor your sales opportunity pipeline.

    Email Marketing  – The Marketing Communications application makes it easy to draft sales correspondence, implement one-time or ongoing customer communication campaigns and present a more professional image for your business.

    Issue Tracker – The Issue Tracking application is the perfect solution designed specifically for small businesses. Track all of your customer issues, assign responsibility for resolution to members of your team, ensure that all open trouble tickets are addressed and improve your customer service responsiveness.

Our small business pledge

A subscription to StarterSuccess is more than a subscription to an online software solution for you business. It’s the first handshake in a long lasting business relationship.

StarterSuccess employs professionals in business development, marketing, HR, finance and social media to assist you and your business in building success.

Pick up the phone, write a letter or send an email; our experts are here to answer your questions, not only about the products we provide, but also common business questions that you might have – StarterSucess. Here to help you succeed.